At Mandrus, designing and manufacturing wheels for Mercedes Benz automobiles and SUVs is our sole focus. It's our passion. It consumes us. It challenges us. And it rewards us. But we're never satisfied. We're always striving to increase strength, reduce weight, improve the exotic alloys we employ, streamline manufacturing, become more efficient, achieve unparalleled fit and finish, pin the quality meter. It's who we are. Perhaps it's our racing heritage. No matter how fast your last lap, tomorrow's lap can be faster. A better line. A mechanical tweak. A more fearless approach.

That same attitude is why we chose to focus on Mercedes Benz. Mercedes represents the pinnacle of automotive engineering. To make wheels that are a true upgrade over original equipment is the sort of challenge we relish. We believe we've achieved that over and over again. Yes, our wheels are beautiful. But they are more than that. We recognize how much is riding on our wheels. Vehicle safety and performance are at stake. That's why we painstaking engineer wheel offsets and load rating for each year and model Mercedes we serve. Millimeters matter. It's also why all our wheels fit snugly over the vehicle hub without spacers or adapters, for an ideal fit and a safe, smooth ride.

Yes, we know that as a Mercedes-Benz owner you are uncompromising and tough to please. You've come to the right place.

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