Mandrus B Class Wheels for Hatchbacks

The Mercedes B Class electric drive is Mercedes first foray into all electric vehicles, unless you count their 1906 flirtation with electric propulsion. And with 87 miles of range and home charging, the B Class is the perfect non-polluting commuters car.

Can Mandrus Mercedes wheels for the B Class extend its range? That’s our goal. To that end, the Mandrus model we’ve reengineered for 100% compatibility with the B Class is the Rotec. The Rotec wheel is manufactured using a highly advanced manufacturing process known as rotary forging. In this process, an exotic aluminum alloy is spun at high speeds under intense pressure as it is formed. This creates forces that alter the molecular grain structure of the alloy, simultaneously reducing weight and increasing strength. The weight savings accrues mostly at the outer perimeter of the wheel, reducing rotational mass and requiring less power at all speeds.

Rotec B Class Mercedes rims are lightweight, but upsized from the OE 17-inch diameter wheels to a full 19 inches. The larger wheel diameter allows the fitment of ultra low profile 235/35-19 tires. Ultra low profile tires are renown for reduced rolling resistance, an additional opportunity for range extension.

It helps that our smart, efficient Rotec Mercedes Benz wheels are also stunningly beautiful, with fifteen prominent and perfectly proportioned spokes and a choice of finishes between matte black and silver with a mirror cut face.