Mandrus CLS Class Wheels for Sedans and Coupes

With the introduction of the CLS Class, Mercedes turned a new chapter in its design frame of reference. With its flowing sensual lines, and four doors despite its “coupe” designation, the CLS was a clear break with the functional school of design that preceded it. This is a car teeming with passion, and the more passionate your feel about your CLS, the more likely you are to be yearning to upgrade to the precision, performance and panache for which Mandrus wheels are famous.

Frankly, anything less than a Mandrus Mercedes Benz wheel isn’t really an upgrade, and is certainly beneath the dignity of a car such as the CLS. At Mandrus, we live and breathe Mercedes and make wheels to fit no other cars or SUVs. That means Mandrus Mercedes rims are engineered to the tightest tolerances and fit your CLS precisely like the OE wheels fit. They’re so compatible that wheel lugs, the Mercedes 3-point star center cap and the factory tire pressure monitoring system are all seamlessly redeployed with your new wheels. Wheel offsets and load ratings are compliant with factory requirements as well.

Beyond quality stands beauty. And Mandrus Mercedes rims offers six stunning designs, each more breathtaking than the last, all in perfect harmony with the Mercedes design ethic. You’ll find distinctive finishes, including matte black wheels, gloss black wheels with mirror cut accents, a unique gunmetal finish, silver and classic chrome. And with diameters of 19 and 20 inches and widths up to ten inches, you’ll be able to achieve the appearance upgrade of larger wheels and lower profile tires.