Mandrus E Class Wheels for Sedans and Coupes

E Class Mercedes may have made their mark as conservative “executive” sedans, but today, with coupes and convertibles, as well as sedans and wagons, and available engines verging on 600 hp, E Class vehicles don’t contain an ounce of compromise. Upgrade yours with a set of gorgeous light alloys from Mandrus wheels. Consider the performance advantages of choosing Mercedes wheels from Mandrus. While you are sure to be seduced by the beauty of our wheels, you’ll be able to rationalize your purchase knowing that the right wheels can improve handling, braking and even gas mileage.

A powerful incentive for you to upgrade from the stock wheels on your E Class to ¬–Mercedes rims from Mandrus is the opportunity it creates to increase wheel diameter from OE 18x 8.5 up to 19 or 20 inches and as wide as 10 inches. That doesn’t just put more rubber on the pavement, it also enables you to fit lower profile tires, which can reduce stopping distance, increase acceleration, improve handling and reduce rolling resistance. An upsizing strategy Mandrus supports is stepping up to a staggered fitment. On an E Class that means selecting rear wheels and tires up to one and a half inches wider than the wheels on the front axle and perhaps one to two inches larger in diameter. That not only looks especially muscular, it also improves both off the line and lateral acceleration.

Use the Configurator tab to preview how our chrome, matte black, gloss black, silver and gunmetal finishes look on your year, model and color E Class.