Mandrus G Class Wheels for SUVs

If you can’t afford an M1 Abrams tank, or simply find them hard to park, the Mercedes G Class SUV is your fallback position. Seriously, though, this big, boxy, indestructible heavy weight sits at the top of the SUV world. Sure the design is four decades old and it is intentionally the antithesis of slick, but the G Class makes a statement like no other vehicle on the road.

Amplify on that statement with a set of super sized Mandrus Mercedes rims engineered specifically for this beast.

Mercedes engineered the GLK to accommodate a wide range of wheel and tire size combinations. Mandrus responds with a lineup of Mercedes wheels ranging from 17, 18, 19, 20 and 22 inches in diameter, two inches larger than the largest OE wheels. And, my, do big wheels really change the GLK’s character, adding a large dose of assured supremacy.

Mandrus Mercedes rims for the GLK have been precision engineered to fit precisely as Mercedes mandates and ready to stand up to the demands placed on them when the pavement ends. Their high load ratings—up to 2,000 pounds per wheel—attest to that. And they accept the Mercedes lug nuts, logo center cap and tire pressure monitoring system.

Where our wheels depart from OE offerings, of course, is in their distinctive designs and innovative finishes. There’s no quicker way to set your GLK apart than a fresh set of wheels. And ours do just that, five designs in all. Choose from five spoke, ten spoke and fifteen spoke renditions, in either gloss or matte black, chrome, silver or a trend-setting gunmetal. The Configuration tab will enable you to preview each on your year and color GLK.