Mandrus GLA Class Wheels for SUVs

With the introduction of the GLA Class premium compact SUV, Mercedes Benz expands their embrace of the SUV category to five distinct classes, covering the gamut. And certainly none of the GLA’s SUV mates have more modern design sensibilities, considering its sweptback headlights, upright prow, thickset two-bar grille and massive taillights. The GLA portends the future of the Mercedes design canon. Now you can upgrade your GLA performance and appearance with the addition of a set of Mandrus Mercedes Benz wheels engineered and manufactured specifically with the GLA in mind.

Upgrading your wheels is, among other things, an opportunity to upsize your wheels. In that regard, Mandrus GLA wheels start with OE diameter options and go up from there—significantly up from there. Because while OE wheels leave off at 18x7, Mandrus Mercedes rims start at 18x8.5 and include 19, 20 and 22-inch options up to nine inches wide. Now, that’s going to add a huge dose of machismo to your GLA. And loads of added performance when paired with ultra low profile tires that will boost lateral Gs and both acceleration and braking performance.

The Mandrus GLA Glass lineup of Mercedes wheels includes six different models, each offered in two or three different finishes, including both gloss and matte black, classic chrome and silver, and a very distinctive gunmetal. Add such design embellishments as mirror cut faces and lips and you have a selection of wheels that stands far apart from the quotidian.