Mandrus M Class Wheels for SUVs

Acclaimed safety. Advanced luxury. Roominess and convenience. What’s not to love about the Mercedes M Class Cross Over/SUV? Mercedes pioneered the concept of the luxury SUV nearly two decades ago and they’ve set the pace ever since. If you are like most M owners, you absolutely love yours. Which is why you are considering rewarding it with a fresh set of upscale Mandrus Mercedes rims.

We’ve engineered the wide array of models and finishes of our Mercedes wheels designated specifically for the M Class to meet or exceed factory specifications for precise fit, smooth ride and the robust constitution required for such a heavy vehicle often used in exceptional scenarios. Each is designed to enhance the M Class’ special blend of town and country. Use the Configuration tab to preview how each design and finish will complement your year and color M Class. Then begin the difficult task of narrowing your options down to the one Mandrus wheel that will set your M Class apart from the field.

Consider this the opportunity to improve the performance of your M Class as well as its looks. You can do that by upsizing from the 17 or 18--inch wheels that came stock on your M Class to 19, 20 or even 22-inch Mandrus wheels, all engineered to fit your M Class comfortably. Larger wheels can be paired with today’s advanced ultra low profile tires, boosting traction and even gas mileage. Your M Class will love that!