Mandrus S Class Wheels for Sedans and Coupes

The Mercedes S Class has always been synonymous with wealth, extravagance and large-than-life luxury. So why such puny wheels? This almost 5,000 lb, top of the line masterpiece comes standard with 18 inch wheels just 8.5 inches wide. We say, go big. Mandrus offers five different designs to upgrade your S with wheels up to 20 inches in diameter and up to 10.5 inches wide, accommodating low-profile tires nearly a foot wide.

Actually, we offer a wide array of 19, 20 and 22-inch diameter wheels, in a wide array of widths that enabled staggered fitments, with wider wheels on the rear axle for improved handling and braking. All are designed to complement the S Class’ unique presence and put an exclamation point on its “made it big” statement.

Of course, the reason to consider Mandrus Mercedes wheels in the first place is their ability to make your S Class as unique as you yourself are. Mandrus Mercedes rims personalize your S Class, set you a step up from other S drivers and simply look breathtaking on both coupes and sedans. Our two assertive five-spoke designs are available in chrome, tuxedo matte black and in distinctive gunmetal with a mirror cut face. Ten and fifteen spoke designs come in chrome, silver with a mirror cut lip, gloss black and matte black.

Use the Configurator tab to preview how each of our five S Class models and finishes will look on your year, model and color S Class sedan or coupe.