Mandrus Sprinter Van Wheels for Cargo Trucks

Sprinter Vans, built by Daimler-Benz, have been in the United States since 2001. It’s just since 2010, however, that have they been designated as Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans. Which would you rather drive, a Freightliner or a Mercedes Benz? If you do drive a Sprinter Van, cargo, crew or passenger variant, you’re used to hauling a lot of people, a lot of cargo or a combination of both. The Sprinter Van proves to be both stylish and capacious, and like all vehicles traveling behind to three-pointed star grill, the Sprinter is every inch a Mercedes. Except for the stock wheels: 16x6.5 stamped steel, painted black or white.

You can remedy that shortcoming with a visit to your Mandrus dealer. There you can upgrade to stunning light alloy aftermarket wheels. And we do mean upgrade. Mandrus wheels are not only upscale and of the highest quality, they are also performance enhancers, in multiple dimensions. First, lighter weight alloys transfer more power to the road, boosting both acceleration and fuel mileage. Second, Mandrus gives you opportunities to upsize wheel diameter and width. With a larger footprint on the pavement, both lateral adhesion and acceleration are improved.

The Mandrus Atlas wheel has been reengineered for complete compatibility with Mercedes Sprinter Vans. That means, of course, that it is a six-lug wheel, but also that load rating and wheel offset have been dialed in based on Sprinter requirements. It’s available in 16x7, 17x17.5 or 18x8 sizes. An elegant design, with six machined spokes, the Atlas is available in both matte black and in gunmetal with a mirror cut face.