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Q: How do larger wheels affect the handling of my Mercedes Benz motor car?
A: The handling can be improved by running larger wheels. The larger wheels mean you will run a low profile tire and usually a wider tire. The low profile tire often performs better when cornering and braking as tire roll is greatly reduced. The low profile tire will result in a stiffer ride.
Q: What sizes do Mandrus wheels come in?
A: Mandrus wheels are available in 17x8, 18x8.5, 18x9.5, 19x8.5, 19x9.5, 20x8.5, 20x9, 20x10, 20x11, 22x9 and 22x10.5.
Q: Are Mandrus wheels hub centric for Mercedes?
A: Yes. All Mandrus wheels are hub Centric to fit most Mercedes vehicles.
Q: What is Hub Centric?
A: A wheel that is centered or located on the hub by a machined center hole-as opposed to "lug centered" wheels that are located by the position of the lug nuts alone. This will help maintain a similar ride like the OE wheels.