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December 12, 2014

Mandrus Wheels, Exclusively for Mercedes Benz Vehicles, Increases Product Lineup by 50% for 2015

Two newest wheels include the monoblock cast Atlas model and the multi-piece Simplex wheel in diameters to 22 inches and widths to 10.5 inches

Huntington Beach, CA December 12, 2014

Mercedes Benz owners are notably discerning when it comes to quality, automotive technology and elegant design. With that in mind, Mandrus Wheels, maker of aftermarket Mercedes wheels exclusively, at // has introduced two stunning new Mercedes Benz wheels that meet and exceed the Mercedes cognoscenti’s demands. The new-for-2015 Atlas and Simplex model Mercedes rims dramatically increase the Mandrus product lineup. Now Mandrus can offer Mercedes owners 21 finish and detail variations of six classic designs precisely engineered for all Mercedes cars and SUVs and, for the first time, the Mercedes Sprinter van.

"As manufacturers of custom Mercedes wheels as our sole focus, at Mandrus we’ve mastered the intricacy of Mercedes engineering. We know that Mercedes owners are fanatical about excellence and attention to detail. So every Mandrus wheel is spec’d out for a precise fitment and compatibility with each model within the Mercedes lineup," stated Terence Scheckter, president of Mandrus Wheels. "That means our Mercedes wheels are precisely centered over the vehicle hub for a velvety, vibration-free ride. The wheels fully support the Mercedes tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and accept the original equipment center logo cap," Scheckter added.

The two new custom Mercedes wheels employ contrasting examples of the exemplary craftsmanship found in each Mandrus wheel. The Atlas is a monoblock casting of an advanced molten alloy injected into an intricate clamshell mold. The Atlas is a straightforward six-spoke design with bold detailing on each spoke. It is available in an innovative gunmetal finish with a mirror cut face and in an understated matte black finish. The Atlas is available in nine sizes from 17 to 22 inch diameter and, as a six-lug variant, in sizes to fit the popular Mercedes Sprinter van.

The new Simplex wheel, on the other hand, is manufactured using a traditional multi-piece process. The elegant five paired-spoke and hub section is cast, then joined through fusion welding to a forged outer barrel. Forging reduces weight and reduces the wheel’s rotational mass. Fusion welding is virtually imperceptible and immensely durable. The Simplex wheel is finished in gunmetal with a machined face and a chrome lip, in matte black with a gloss black lip and in gloss black with a chrome stainless lip. The Simplex is available in thirteen sizes, from 18 to 22 inch diameters with massive lips from 3 to 4 inches.

Both Atlas and Simplex wheels are available in multiple widths within each diameter, with rear wheel widths one to one and a half inches wider than front wheel widths. This supports the Mandrus philosophy of a staggered footprint, with wider wheels and tires in the rear. A staggered footprint not only gives the vehicle a more aggressive stance, it also improves both off-the-line and lateral adherence, for improved road holding and braking. Larger diameters than OE wheels enable the use of ultra low profile tires, for a more progressive appearance and improved performance

Shoppers can experience the Mandrus difference by using the configurator at // The site has a tool to find a U.S. dealer by zip code as well as a phone number for additional assistance finding a dealer in North America or worldwide. Another popular tool is found at the "Configurator" tab, which enables users to preview how the Atlas, Simplex, or any Mandrus wheel, will look on each year, model and color Mercedes.